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Greetings Potential Sponsor of Ayoka!

Our Story

         We are a non-profit organization that began in October of 2018.  We were all members of the Afrikan Caribbean Dance Theatre.  ACDT has been a staple i Tallahassee Community through dance, drum, character development, unity, health, wellness, and embodiment of Afrikan culture.  We were, are, a family.  ACDT and its founders (Marcus and Jevelle Robinson) have touched and saved the lives of many through their sacrifices, hard work, and organization.  They provided jobs for the residents of Tallahassee and brought people here every year from around the world for a yearly festival! 

         Once the door closed in September of 2018, we were determined to carry the torch and continue the legacy that's been laid for over 30 years through ACDT.  Ayoka was born and DETERMINED TO FORGE AHEAD!!!

Our non-profit organization organizes and promotes activities centered around cultural development for youth and adults.  Ayoka Afrikan Drum and Dance Ensemble share the culture of Afrika with the world through various humanitarian efforts and programs that are cross-cultural, developmental, and educational, including character development, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, community partnerships, and enlisting wholistic approaches to achieving the success. 

We are looking for sponsors to support:

  • Creating more programming to provide FREE classes to all residents in Tallahassee.

  • Target students and families within the communities on Southside through Parks and Rec for FREE.

  • Health and wellness initiatives through education and partnerships with local health agencies.

  • Character development.

  • Host our 1st annual festival and bring Artists from around the world.


       These programs will enrich the lives of all participants (families, children, elders, etc.) while improving cultural understanding and initiatives that are immersed in our collective progress as a Tallahassee Community.  Dance transforms, uplifts, heals, and brings joy!  We also want to highlight the great things happening in our community through the arts, create an outlet for everyone from walks of life to participate in, support and promote local businesses, engage our youth, and positively uplift one another through fellowship within all genres of dance and movement.


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